21 de outubro de 2010

Demo FM2011 disponivel na steam

Demo Football Manager 2011 já está disponivel na steam.

Foi só para avisar :)

18 de outubro de 2010

Demo FM2011 dia 22 de Outubro

 Miles Jacobson disse:

Over the weekend, Football Manager 2011 on PC & Mac went “gold” on 5 of the 8 versions of the disc that are due to be manufactured, with the other 3 discs turning up later today.

That means that work has now started on the demo, and I can now reveal when it will be released.
We are releasing the demo this year in 2 phases, with strawberry on Thursday (Steam only) and vanilla and strawberry torrent & direct download on Friday.

There are many reasons that we’ve decided to release the demo in this way this year. We basically don’t have enough time to get all the different versions built and tested by Wednesday night, so had to decide whether to release them all on Friday, or split them.

So last week, SEGA’s global marketing teams started talking to various possible partners to release the demo that would mean that everyone who wanted to get the strawberry demo on Thursday could do completely for free without breaking SIgames.com & FM.com (as happens every year), and those that were more patient, or didn’t want to use Steam for whatever reason, could still get the demo on what was the originally planned date of 2 weeks before release.

As mentioned above, the only other option was to delay all of the releases.

Our partners for the demo will be MirrorFootball in the UK, Marca in Spain, Veikkaaja in Finland and L’Equipe in France, but that does not mean that customers in other countries will be unable to get the demo. We will of course provide information at SIgames.com and footballmanager.com as soon as the demo is available so that any customer in the world is able to download the demo via Steam as soon as it goes live.

The demo will have 12 playable leagues – England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and is available in all languages.

At some point on Friday 22nd, we’ll make the demo available for direct download and torrent, and a vanilla version of the demo, which will feature just the English and Scottish leagues.

I know one of the first question I’ll be asked it “why choose to go with Steam first, rather than one of the others?”.

Now that it’s a PC and Mac distribution platform, everyone can get it via the system, it provides great download speeds, it will once again be one of the two options for installation for the boxed game (with lots of benefits, which I’ll be blogging about in the next couple of weeks) and is a system most of us here use without issue.

I’ve seen some posts on the forums that unfairly castigate Steam, such as blaming it for the activation issues regarding FM2009, which were nothing to do with Steam, but were caused by a denial of service attack on Uniloc’s servers, or blaming a bug in the game on Steam – a bug in the game is a bug in the game, and nothing to do with Steam at all.

Hopefully that answers that question.

As mentioned above, the links to the demo should be available here from Thursday morning – I would advise that if you’re looking to grab it quickly, that you download the Steam client in advance, which is available at www.steampowered.com, and then you’ll be just a couple of button clicks away from being able to grab it.

6 de outubro de 2010

Tactica FM 2010 41212 Vodu 10.3

O FM 2011 está a caminho, mas enquanto não chega, de vez em quando lá tem de se dar uma "perninha" no 2010.

Ora no meu save de Académica vou continuando a acumular tácticas, praticamente todos os anos. Aqui vos deixo a ultima "criação" um 442 losango fechado, bem atacante. Talvez a última criação desta saga. Venha o próximo...

Download 41212 Vodu 10.3
Filefront |

5 de outubro de 2010

Football Manager 2011

Football Manager 2011 

Com o aproximar de Novembro um novo Football Manager a caminho. Aqui ficam algumas novidades.


  • Contract Negotiations - making its debut in Football Manager 2011 is a new live contract negotiation system, with a host of new contract clauses. Learn to deal with different types of agents as you try to secure your next big signing.
  • Re-vamped training system - including more basic training schedules and individual training focus where players can be in trained in 14 different skill areas. Plus, a new match preparation area, where you can get your team to concentrate on special focus areas, and train in specific tactics, in the lead up to a match.
  • Improved Interaction - new board request and backroom advice options as well as a new player interaction module allowing you to have private conversations with your players, including lots of options never seen before, taking interaction to a whole new level.
  • News subscription service - expanded to make the way that news and mail is distributed even more user friendly and immersive. Dozens of additional news items and a new module written to add more intelligence in the news items themselves.
  • Match View - play under the glare of the floodlights for the first time with night matches and over 100 new animations including player models, stadiums, goal celebrations and much, much more. Not forgetting improvements to what was already the best match simulation on the market.

  • Dynamic League Reputation - a new feature meaning as teams get stronger and perform better on a continental level, the league they play in will also get stronger, attracting more players to want to play in the league and a more accurate modelling of the changing face of world football.

     Podem ver aqui um video sobre as novas funcionalidades do FM2011 do Miles Jacobson, o chefe supremo do Football Manager.

    Mais informações e imagens sobre o jogo aqui.

    Football Manager 2011